'Beached ' exposes the sunnier side of life and provides an artful view on some of the most simplest of delights. With the increasingly packed Carcavelos Beach as the stunning backdrop, the series portrays the instinctive connection between humans and the relief of mother nature. The place where sea and land collide
creates a paradise of vibrant colours with personalities flourishing in the stifling heat of the sun.

Although, along with the joy a day on the beach brings, feelings of claustrophobia are becoming ever present in paradise as days become warmer and growing opportunities arise near the sea. It’s rare to get a moment of tranquility at the beach these days with the effects of urbanisation turning a former escape from day-to-today chaos, into an opportunistic environment which takes advantage of hot, very sweaty, cashed up, vulnerable people. But, I guess there’s no feeling like coming home from the beach with a new handwoven towel, a shark tooth necklace and a selfie stick.

Words by Ben Amando

Taken from Whitelies Magazine

All Images © Copyright Ben Amando 2020